What is an Infotainment System?

In-car entertainment started in the early 2000s with new touch-screens being developed after 2015 to assist with rear-view cameras and blind spot monitoring. The latest developments reveal that car buyers are looking for voice-enabled commands, WiFi connectivity, vehicle diagnostics, driver safety features, and app interfaces for their smartphones.

The latest infotainment systems come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These apps connect to your phone and make it possible to talk to Siri through your vehicle automatically. This is much more convenient than some of the older infotainment systems that have to be connected through Bluetooth.

The new safety features utilize different cameras from the rear and side view, allowing you to see your blind spots better and avoid collisions. There are also parking assist guidelines and so much more with the latest vehicles. You also get more computing power using the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connections.

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