How is Your Car's Differential Maintained?

What is that gearbox located between the drive wheels and your vehicle? The average car owner likely doesn't know the answer: the differential. He/she may notice the vehicle's maintenance book suggests changing differential fluid at some point though. While you may not know much about the differential, the gearbox remains an important component of a car.

The aforementioned differential fluid ensures the gears stay adequately lubricated. Poor lubrication leads to excess friction. Friction eventually ruins parts. Aged or leaking differential fluid may lead to a grinding sound. Grinding means "gear-on-gear" friction is pretty bad.

Did you know differential fluid woes could make turning a vehicle problematic? Ignoring the differential gears leads to this and other woes. Maybe you now requesting a mechanic check out the differential fluid should be a top priority.

The service department at Hendrick Honda Hickory stands by to help you with your service needs. Don't let worries about differential fluid and other issues consume you.



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