What You Should Know About Your Vehicle's Timing Belt

At Hendrick Honda Hickory, our service team is always standing by to provide our consumers with assistance, and we like to keep our customers informed about how to keep their engines in optimal condition. A timing belt is an important part of your engine that helps it function properly.

A timing belt works to keep the camshaft and crankshaft in sync, which will help the cylinders fire at the right time. It also controls the valves and pistons in the engine so that they will open correctly.

Your vehicle's timing belt is covered to keep it from being contaminated with dirt and oil, which can make it hard to inspect. While timing belts were made to be durable, they go through excessive strain keeping everything in sync. If you notice a clicking sound coming from under the hood, your timing belt may need to be replaced. Another sign of a bad timing belt is when an engine misfires.



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