When to Replace Your Tires

You need to make sure that your tires are in safe condition at all times. This includes ensuring that your tires are replaced in a timely manner. There are specific signs to bear in mind when it comes to the timing of tire replacement.

Worn tire tread is a major sign that the time has arrived to replace your tires. You can easily check this out by turning a penny with Lincoln's head down between the treads. If all of his head appears, the time to replace has arrived. Another prime sign that you need to replace your tires is cracks along the sidewalls.

If you want your tires looked at by a professional, or if you know the time to replace them has arrived, visit us at Hendrick Honda Hickory, located in Hickory, NC. Our friendly, well-trained team can assist you with all issues related to the replace of tires on your car.



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