Alternator Woes and Fixes

Initially, your drive down the highway went fine. Without warning, the lights on your dash come up weirdly in sync. The car sputters and repeatedly briefly stalls. The car stops. All the electrical functions shut off. A few things could be wrong here, but suspicion commonly falls on the alternator.

The alternator generates vital electricity while a car runs. The alternator keeps the battery charged while supporting a flow of power running through the electrical system. Once the alternator goes, a car won't go. Mercifully, certain models come with an alternator warning light on the dashboard. Those without warning lights -- and those with them -- should look for other signs. Dimmed lights reveal red flags.

Testing the alternator may show if there are serious problems. A pro should handle this job though. Cleaning an alternator may address some issues. Other times, the old alternator requires replacing.

Don't let a worn alternator leave your car stuck on the road. Come to Hendrick Honda Hickory and let our mechanics check things out.



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