Avoid an Overheated Engine With These Tips

Your vehicle can face serious consequences anytime the engine overheats. Because of that, it's wise to know the common causes of overheating and their signs. Never ignore these signs. In fact, you should shut down your vehicle and call for emergency help immediately.

Insufficient coolant is the most common cause of overheating, especially in summer. Monitor coolant levels as they can drop through normal use. Also, be aware of possible coolant leaks that can quickly sap your system of needed liquid and maintain the correct coolant ratios recommended by your owner's manual. Failure of components such as the radiator fan, pump, hoses and system thermostat can also cause overheating.

To ensure that your engine does not overheat, regularly inspect hoses and confirm that the radiator cap is working properly. The coolant system should also be flushed on a regular basis to rid your vehicle of spent coolant.



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