Useful Tips for Protecting Your Car from Salt Corrosion

The staff at Hendrick Honda Hickory wanted to take time this season to help educate our audience on how to protect their vehicle from salt corrosion. Try these tips to stop rust from forming and mechanical issues associated with salt corrosion.

Start taking your vehicle to the car wash more frequently this winter, your car will certainly look and ride better as a result. The high-pressure water from the car wash hoses will remove the salt from the car exterior, as well as get any salt trapped in the undercarriage from being able to rust away any of those moving parts.

Salt can collect in standing water and puddles, so make every effort to avoid driving directly through this water. Salt also accumulates in deep snow and will become trapped in the undercarriage if you are constantly driving though these areas. This snow melts slowly if the temperatures stay below the freezing point.



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