Your vehicle's headlights need to be bright, clear, and in good condition. It is important to maintain them and inspect them often. It only takes a few minutes and is important for safe driving. Headlights are very strong, but sometimes they can crack, break, or chip. Depending on the vehicle, replacing a headlight can be as simple as lifting the hood and unbolting, or it may be more complicated and involved removing the front bumper.

If the headlamp is in good condition and only needs a new light bulb, the bulb can usually be replaced using common household tools. The owner's manual has instructions on how to change out all the bulbs. If you are replacing one headlamp bulb, it is advisable to replace the other one at the same time. This could save you future frustration and time.

We here at Hendrick Honda Hickory conveniently located in Hickory, NC can inspect and recommend replacement parts for your vehicle’s headlights. Stop in or call anytime.

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