We hope you turn to Hendrick Honda Hickory to enrich your driving experience. When you drive in Hickory, you will sometimes encounter bicyclists on the road. Due to traffic laws, you must respect cyclists' space. Keep reading for tips that can help you easily share the road.

All traffic situations require full attention, so stay alert. When you see a cyclist, leave at least three feet between your car and their bicycle. Never drive side-by-side with a person on a bike. As though they were another motorist, cyclists are entitled a lane's full width. Pass with care, and never impede motorists in other lanes.

If you are a cyclist, remember that the road's laws also apply to you. You must stop when lights and signs dictate, and you must obey speed limits. Ride with your lane's traffic flow always. Cops can write you a ticket if you break laws on a bicycle.



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