As the warm weather approaches, it is important to use at Hendrick Honda Hickory that our consumers equip their vehicles with the right tires for the season. You may have heard of all-season and summer tires, but what's the difference?

Summer tires can also be called performance tires. They are made to offer superior dry and wet traction without sacrificing precise handling. Summer tires are designed for use during warm months, but they can be used all year in areas with a very mild winter.

Summer tires are designed for exceptional road grip if it’s raining, damp, or very hot on the road, which is because they are made with a tread compound that is rubber and fillers that contain sticky additives. All-season tires are a hybrid between winter and summer tires. They can handle a wide range of weather and road conditions. While summer tires are a better choice in hot weather, all-season tires tend to last longer.



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