Comparing the 2022 Honda Odyssey and 2021 Toyota Sienna

Minivans are a great choice for anyone traveling with lots of passengers and gear. We look forward to showing you how the 2022 Honda Odyssey can have the features and capabilities you've been looking for in your next vehicle.

Another popular model in this class is the 2021 Toyota Sienna. While the hybrid performance might sound like a good choice, a head-to-head comparison will show otherwise. Our experts look forward to showing you the wide range of options in each to ensure you'll have everything you need for the road ahead.


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  • There isn't as much power from the 2021 Toyota Sienna as there is from the 2022 Honda Odyssey.
  • Road Departure Mitigation comes equipped on the 2022 Honda Odyssey Touring, while it is something the 2021 Toyota Sienna Limited doesn't come with.
  • The 2022 Honda Odyssey Touring comes equipped with a rear-seat entertainment system, something that the 2021 Toyota Sienna Platinum needs to be upgraded to include.
  • The 2021 Toyota Sienna does not come with Magic Slide® second-row seats, but the 2022 Honda Odyssey does.
  • You will get more cargo space when choosing the 2022 Honda Odyssey over the 2021 Toyota Sienna.
  • The 2022 Honda Odyssey has seating for seven as standard and eight optional, while the 2021 Sienna has seating for eight standard and seven optional.
  • CabinTalk® and CabinWatch® are available for the 2022 Honda Odyssey, but the 2021 Toyota Sienna only has an in-car intercom available.
  • You can improve the 2022 Honda Odyssey aerodynamics with the Active Grille Shutter, something the 2021 Toyota Sienna doesn't come with.
  • The 2022 Honda Odyssey is a ten-speed automatic transmission, while the 2021 Toyota Sienna is equipped with an Electronically Controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (ECVT).
  • Both models can tow up to 3,500 pounds to help you bring along everything you might need.